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Our mission is to support your academic growth and professional development. Our faculty, deans and advisors are here to listen and provide guidance.

Advisor speaking with a student.The Advisor in All of Us: Week 7

Academic Advising: Bum's Rush

By: Elven Riley

Yes/No, Right/Wrong, Pass/Fail, True/False, and a rush to judgement.

I am old, and as the 7th decade approaches, my elders words echo back as I too utter disapproval of young people today. "No discipline" "lack gumption" "rowdy fun seekers" "flagrant cheaters"; frankly, we were just as an eclectic pack of disorganized energy as students today. We all practice revisionist history. Today's cohort includes some good, some bad, most in between, always exploring the limits of their elder's good will as the rightful claim of youth. Read more »

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