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Our mission is to support your academic growth and professional development. Our faculty, deans and advisors are here to listen and provide guidance.

Advisor speaking with a student.The Advisor in All of Us: Week 13

Academic Advising – Non-Academic Help

By: Elven Riley

Last semester I was co-teaching a course, two sections, with an adjunct. We were working on increasing the participation and interaction in my traditional drone-over-power-point style. Now for starters, I am an enthusiastic presenter. I include current event news in every class. I pace around the room and call out individual students to comment on various details of the topic. But the content is a challenge, technology of finance. My mostly seniors have had little exposure to the topic and are put-off by the amount of terminology to be mastered. I also hate discussion boards. Never understood them and still don’t. The adjunct I found had the pied piper gift. From the first day of classes this middle-aged energetic man made effortless repeated engagement that led to class involvement and wonderment with the topic. I did learn and improve.

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