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Seton Hall University

Vice President for Administration

Dennis Garbini Vice President for Administration Dennis J. Garbini is the Vice President for Administration at Seton Hall University.  Mr. Garbini is responsible for advancing the University through information technology as well as overseeing the management of the University's Human Resources, and the construction and management of University facilities. In the last 39 years, Mr. Garbini has held a number of leadership roles at Seton Hall University including Vice President for Finance & Technology, Vice President of Information Technology, Assistant to the Provost, Registrar, Assistant Bursar, and Project Director for the installation and implementation of enterprise-wide administrative systems.

Mr. Garbini holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Business Administration from Seton Hall University.  He has served on the higher education market segment advisory boards for several major corporations.

Under Mr. Garbini's leadership, Seton Hall University has established and maintained its leadership in higher education information technology, while ensuring the growth and modernization of campus resources and facilities. Mr. Garbini's work has positioned the University as an international leader in Information Technology recognized for its work by industry leaders such as EDUCAUSE including but not limited to, being awarded the top Award for Campus Networking Excellence and for Systemic Progress in Teaching and Learning with Technology. In addition, Mr. Garbini's direction has resulted in the improvement of numerous campus facilities including the Law School in Newark, University Library and Jubilee Hall in addition to recent work on the new McNulty Science & Technology Building and the renovated Athletic Fields and Regan Recreation Center. 

Through his oversight, Mr. Garbini has established Seton Hall as an innovative leader in higher education from the fostering of unique alliances with companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Nokia and IBM, to his vision for securing the future physical growth of the University.

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