Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

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Seminarians studying for the priesthood must fulfill the requirements for the Master of Divinity program (courses listed below). In addition to coursework, they must attend retreats, workshops, lectures and other formation events throughout the year. For more information on these formation events, view the 2014-2015 Formation Program brochure.

The 126-138-credit Academic Program for Priesthood Candidates is the prescribed curriculum at ICSST for all seminarians seeking ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood. The program fulfills all the requirements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Program of Priestly Formation (Fifth Edition, 2005). Students meeting the requirements of this program automatically fulfill the requirements of the M.Div. program.


Master of Divinity Coursework for Priesthood Candidates
First Year

Fall Semester
BIBL 6501 Synoptic Gospels 3
HSTD 6201 History of Christianity I 3
PTHO 6518 Integrating Music and Liturgical Celebration 2
STHO 6202 Revelation and Faith 3
STHO 6501 Worship of the Church 3
STHO 6022 Graduate Research Seminar 2
Total Credits for the Fall Semester 16
Spring Semester
BIBL 6201 Pentateuch 3
HSTD 6202 History of Christianity II 3
PTHO 6601 Pastoral Ministry: Introduction 3
STHO 6205 Christian Anthropology 3
STHO 6503 Sacraments of Initiation 3
Total Credits for the Spring Semester 15

Second Year

Fall Semester
BIBL 6203 Prophetic Literature 3
CETH 6105 Fundamental Moral Theology 3
HSTD 6807 American Christianity 3
PTHO 6203 Pastoral Psychology and Counseling 3
PTHO 6602 Ministry of Healing 3
STHO 6203 Christology 3
Total Credits for the Fall Semester 18
Spring Semester
BIBL 6503 Johannine Literature 3
CETH 6205 Healthcare Ethics 3
PTHO 6109 Introduction to Preaching 2
PTHO 6603
Justice and Charity Ministry
STHO 6207 Ecclesiology 3
Required Elective 1 3
Total Credits for the Spring Semester 17

Third Year

Fall Semester
BIBL 6505 Pauline Literature 3
CETH 6306 Catholic Sexual Teaching 3
PTHO 6112 Preaching Practicum I 2
STHO 6204 Trinity 3
PTHO 6604 Ministry of Sanctifying: Priest, Ministers and Congregation 3
Required Elective 2 3
Total Credits for the Fall Semester 17
Spring Semester
BIBL 6205 Wisdom Literature and Psalms 3
CETH 6407 Catholic Social Teaching 3
PTHO 6401 General Canon Law 3
PTHO 6503 Liturgical Practicum 2
PTHO 6605 Ministry of Teaching 3
Required Elective 3 3
Total Credits for the Spring Semester 17

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
PTHO 6113 Preaching Practicum II 2
PTHO 6405 Canon Law Marriage 3
PTHO 6608 Ministry of Leadership: Priest and Minister in Service to the Community 2
PTHO 6609 Ministry Synthesis 1
STHO 6505 Eucharist 3
Required Elective 4 3
Total Credits for the Fall Semester 14
Spring Semester
PTHO 6726
History of Spirituality 3
STHO 6507 Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick 3
STHO 6509 Christian Marriage 3
STHO 6740 Priesthood and Ministry 3
Total Credits for the Spring Semester 12

Additional Requirements

Electives: The four required electives shown above must consist of one course each in: moral theology (CETH); Church history (HSTD); spirituality (PTHO); and systematics (STHO).

Spanish Language: Seminarians for whom English is their primary language and who are studying for dioceses that require Spanish language proficiency also take PTHO 6017/8 Intermediate Pastoral Spanish and/or PTHO 6019/20 Advanced Pastoral Spanish in their third and/or fourth year of theological studies. (Students should complete Elementary Spanish prior to beginning Pastoral Spanish).

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