Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology




Spiritual, Human, Pastoral


Year 1
Fall Semester
STHO 6202: Revelation and Faith
BIBL 6501: Synoptic Gospels
Human & Religious Development
Diaconal Spirituality
Spring Semester
BIBL 6529: Spirituality of the Old Testament
STHO 6205: Christian Anthropology
Diaconate & Family Life
Spirituality of Pastoral Ministry

Year 2

Fall Semester
STHO 6203: Christology
CETH 6130: Major Themes in Christian Ethics
Prayer & Spiritual Life
Contemporary Moral Issues
Spring Semester
HSTD 6809: History of Christianity
STHO 6204: Trinity
Models of Spiritual Life
Pastoral Guidance & Counseling

Year 3

Fall Semester
STHO 6504: Sacramental Theology General
STHO 6207: Ecclesiology
Sacramental Celebrations & Devotions
Social Justice
Spring Semester
STHO 6936: Spiritual Theology and Public Speaking
BIBL 6506: Introduction to Pauline & Johannine Literature
Homiletics I
Pastoral Care

Year 4

Fall Semester
CETH 6401: Canon Law for Deacons
STHO 6728: Theology of the Spiritual Life
Homiletics II
Homiletics III
Spring Semester
CETH 6405: Canon Law of Christian Marriage
STHO 6888: MA Seminar: Deacons and Christian Worship
Liturgical Ministry
Ordination and Beyond

*Each of the courses listed in the Intellectual column are 3 credit courses for the Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology.
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