Welcome to Continuing Education & Professional Studies

Since 1856 Seton Hall University has been preparing individuals as servant leaders and caring citizens, both in and out of the workplace.  Continuing Education continues this tradition by helping to provide a path for the professional seeking to enhance his/her skills – for the life-long learner wishing to enrich his/her life and improve the world around him/her --- and for the adult student taking the next step to reach his/her career goal.

Whether you want to further your education with a degree or a certificate or are preparing to take on new career challenges or simply interested in exploring new interests, Continuing Education and Professional Studies is committed to helping you.

Working with the schools and colleges of Seton Hall University to deliver learning opportunities that best suit your needs, Continuing Education  is a gateway to a broad range of programs of study that include credit courses, non-credit programs, professional development workshops, conferences, and more.

With flexible schedules and learning opportunities that take you both on-campus and beyond the boundaries of the campus, you’ll find a broad array of options to help you continue on your educational journey.

I encourage you to explore how our educational offerings can help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Please continue to visit us as we expand our catalog of programs and courses.

Nancy Low-Hogan, Ph.D.

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