Academic Scholarship

Scrappers: How the Heartland Won World War II

(feature documentary), May 2010

Scrappers Documentary Poster James J. Kimble, Ph.D.
College of Communication and the Arts
Thomas R Rondinella, M.F.A.
College of Communication and the Arts

This 82-minute media project focuses on the vital importance of the home front's 1942 scrap metal campaign during World War II, contrasting it with more recent efforts in the war on terror. The grassroots campaign used every possible means of persuasion to convince Americans to find and turn in over 5.3 million tons of scrap metal, necessary for the rapid production of munitions. A seven-city midwestern premiere tour in May 2010 attracted nearly 900 audience members to the documentary's inspiring message. Thanks to faculty colleague Christine Krus for the dramatic artwork.


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