Academic Scholarship

Demographic Gaps in American Political Behavior

Westview Press (Boulder, CO), 241 pages, 2014

Demographic Gaps in American Politicial Behavior by Patrick Fisher, Ph.D. Patrick Fisher, Ph.D.
Department of Political Science and Public Affairs

Demographic Gaps in American Political Behavior examines the political behavior of various groups in the United States in an effort to demonstrate how demographic backgrounds and socialization affect political behavior.

Media coverage has disproportionately focused on the red state versus blue state divide, leaving the impression that American political behavior is determined solely by place of residence. This, however, ignores the numerous other political divides that exist in the United States today. In order to better conceptualize the landscape of American political behavior, the political gaps in six different demographics—income, religion, gender, race, age, and geography—are analyzed to examine the effect these political gaps have on public opinion, policy, and party positioning.


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