Academic Scholarship

Collaboration as a form of professional development: Improving learning for faculty and students

Taylor and Francis Group, Ltd, January 2013

Photo Needed Roberta Devlin-Scherer, Ed.D.
Department of Educational Studies
Nancy B Sardone

One form of professional development available to faculty is the opportunity to co-teach. Studies of team teaching report increased communication between teachers and students and improved retention and achievement. This article describes a multiyear collaboration between two faculty members that began with a training relationship and expanded into co-teaching. From this experience, the authors widened their knowledge of resources, added to their teaching repertoire, and created new projects and assignments. The co-teaching relationship led to examination of processes and outcomes of their teaching and co-writing. Over time, this professional experience has grown into an exchange of roles and responsibilities. Although this collaboration did not begin as a scholarship endeavor, it has become a long-lasting one built on trust and mutual interest.



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