Academic Scholarship

Staying Strong for Urban Kids: What Real Reform Is About

Keynote and Panelist for the Urban Education Committee Brunch at the NJEA Annual Convention, November 2013

Photo Needed Charles P. Mitchel, Ed.D.
Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy

Society expects achievement and more is expected of our educational institutions than ever before. How do we, as educators, meet these growing demands? The field is full of programs, standards, and evaluations. However, to make the greatest progress in student achievement, we must first evaluate those leading the advancement– ourselves. Do you want to motivate and inspire yourself and others to do extraordinary things? Do you want to catapult your performance to the highest level? Do you want to have less worry, fear, doubt, anger and guilt? Do you want to have the energy needed to accomplish all of the above and more? This presentation studies how improving our inner energy transforms the quality of our own life and work, improving our schools and leading our students to greater achievement. 


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