Academic Scholarship

Using qualitative methods to understand the experiences of Korean female doctoral students: Mining gender and racial stereotypes.

In D. K. Nagata, L. P. Kohn-Wood, & L. A. Suzuki (Eds.), Qualitative strategies for ethnocultural research (pp. 237-256). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, March 2012

Photo Needed Eunyoung Kim, Ph.D.
Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy
D.O. Green

The aim of this chapter is to demonstrate how a diversity framework can be applied to a qualitative study of an ethnocultural group, Korean women, in order to optimally uncover culturally relevant phenomena. More specifically, the authors describe how qualitative methods can be systematically used to explore racial and gender issues faced by Korean women who are seeking to advance their educational status. The chapter covers the entire process, starting with the research question and ending with validation


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