Academic Scholarship

Life is Beautiful: The Lure of Evil and the Rebellion of Love (Book Chapter)

In Kim Blessing and Paul Tudico (Eds.), "Movies and the Meaning of Life," Chicago, Open Court Press, April 2005

Movies and the Meaning of Life Anthony C. Sciglitano, Ph.D.
Department of Religion

Movies and the Meaning of Life shows how a wide variety of films have tackled the same questions that have obsessed the deep thinkers. These essays draw on such sources as The Truman Show and Contact to explore the nature of reality; Fight Club and Being John Malkovich for cogent lessons on finding one's true identity; American Beauty and The Shawshank Redemption for pointers on life's purpose; Pleasantville and Spiderman for nuggets of wisdom on how to live one's life; and more.


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