Academic Scholarship

Behold the Man: Jesus and Greco-Roman Masculinity

Oxford University Press, 2008

Behold the Man- Jesus and Greco-Roman Masculinity Colleen M. Conway, Ph.D.
Department of Religion

Conway examines a variety of ancient ideas of masculinity, as found in philosophical discourses, medical treaties, imperial documents and ancient inscriptions. Manliness, in these accounts, was achieved through self-control over passions such as lust, anger and greed. It was also gained through manly displays of courage, the endurance of pain and death on behalf of others. With these texts as a starting point, Conway shows how the New Testament writings approach Jesus' gender identity. Conway's study touches on such themes as the relationship between divinity and masculinity; the role of the body in relation to gender identity; and belief in Jesus as a means of achieving a more ideal form of masculinity.


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