Academic Scholarship

National Mythmaking and the Problems of History in Sino-Japanese Relations

Japan's Foreign Relations with China: Coping with a Rising Power. Routledge: London and New York., 2006

Photo Needed Yinan He, Ph.D
School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Lam Peng Er (Ed.).

The essays in this collection examine Sino-Japanese political relations given the phenomenon of 'a rising China and a stagnating Japan'. Questioning whether their relationship is one of cooperation or conflict, the book reviews China and Japan's bilateral ties to see whether they have deepened and broadened despite differences in outlook, national interest and political systems.

Adding a new perspective to the Sino-Japanese political relations discussion, the book looks beyond the interactions of central governments to examine the role of NGOs, local governments and sub-regional linkages. The contributors adopt a range of analytical approaches and explore case studies including the Taiwan issue, Japanese Official Development Policy towards China and joint fishery management in the East China Sea. With perspectives from the US, Russia and Malaysia, the book yields new insights into this complex and multifaceted relationship and is a welcome addition to the current literature.


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