Academic Scholarship

Practicing Sabermetrics: Putting the Science of Baseball Statistics to Work

McFarland Company, 2007

sabermetrics book cover Fr. Gabriel B. Costa, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
John T Saccoman, Jr. Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
w/ Prof. Mike Huber (Muhlenberg)

More than thirty years ago, when the yearly Bill James Baseball Abstract began to appear, people started to look at the game differently. It was James himself who coined the word sabermetrics, defining it as the search for objective knowledge about baseball. In their first book, Understanding Sabermetrics, Rev. Costa (right) and Dr. Saccoman (center), along with colleague Dr. Michael Huber (left) of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Muhlenberg College, introduce the reader to the basics of sabermetric analysis. Their most recent book, Practicing Sabermetrics, which was featured at a book signing at SHU's bookstore, goes beyond the explanation of the statistics and demonstrates their use in solving problems in baseball research. All three authors have published articles on sabermetrics or other baseball-related topics, and all have taught courses in sabermetrics. Fr. Costa is currently on leave from his position at SHU and is at USMA West Point.


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