Academic Scholarship

Understanding and Applying in the Adolescent's Dating on the Minding.

The Korean Journal of School Psychotherapy, January 2013

Photo Needed Ji-Yeon Lee, Ph.D.
Dept of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy
Chang, M-S

One report showed that over 50% of adolescents in Korea report having a romantic relationship at any given time. Although having a date is popular now among teenagers, there's no sufficient education service about how to maintain and enhance dating relationships for adolescent so far. Based on these notions, this article presents Harvey and Omarzu(1997)'s Minding Theory, concentrated on maintaning relationships. Minding process has five components: knowing one's partner, relationship-enhancing attribution, acceptance and respect, reciprocity, and continuity. We compared the theory of minding with several other concepts "self-expansion, self-verification, empathic accuracy, equity, social penetraion theory, and attachment" well known for contributing to achieve satisfaction in close relationship for better understanding of minding. We also suggested some researches of whethere minding is observale and positively influential in couples, and evidence of minding theory. A few limitations of this study as well as possibilities and implications in youth counseling were discussed.


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