Academic Scholarship

A psychometric examination of the Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Scale among college men

Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60, 239-250, April 2013

Photo Needed Brian P. Cole, Ph.D.
Dept of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy
M. Meghan Davidson Ph.D., Sarah J Gervais Ph.D., Gary L Canivez Ph.D.

Whereas sexual objectification has most commonly been studied among women, recent calls by counseling psychologists have urged for an extension of objectification research to more fully include men (e.g., Heimerdinger-Edwards, Vogel, & Hammer, 2011). The present study examined the factor structure of the Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Scale (ISOS; Kozee, Tylka, Augustus-Horvath, & Denchik, 2007) with men. Specifically, analyses included exploratory factor analysis (EFA) with a sample of 287 college men and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with an independent sample of 221 college men. A correlated 3-factor structure was suggested by multiple criteria in EFA and was further confirmed by CFA with a bifactor model illustrating the most item variance associated with a general interpersonal sexual objectification dimension for men.


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