Academic Scholarship

The Soteriology of Hilary of Poitiers: A Latin Mystical Model of Redemption

Augustinianum 52.1 (2012): 159-195, June 2012

Photo Needed Ellen R. Scully, Ph.D.
School of Theology

Hilary of Poitiers is an anomaly in the standard scholarly classification of Patristic Greek and Latin soteriology, for, though he is Latin, his soteriology shows such resemblance to Greek mystical theory that he is considered one of its major proponents. Since Harnack, the Greek mystical model is said to depend upon Platonism. However, this paper argues that Hilary teaches a "Greek" mystical model of redemption based on Christ‘s assumption of all humanity without recourse to Platonism. Hilary‘s soteriology is instead a development of Latin Stoicism and a literal exegetical understanding of the Pauline Adam-Christ parallel.


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