Academic Scholarship

Synchrotron XPS and EXAFS Identification of Chemical State and Crystal Phase Changes of HfO2 Films Doped with Si, N, Al, and La

VLSl Technology Systems and Applications (VLSI-TSA), 26, 82-83; IEEE Xplore Digital Library, June 2010

Photo Needed Mehmet A. Sahiner, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
P. Lysaght, J. Woicik, P. Kirsch, G. Bersuker, B. Lee & R. Jammy

The recent industry wide investigation of incorporating various elemental dopant species into HfO2 to achieve higher-k gate dielectric alloy materials in order to maintain the rapid pace of scaling according to Moore's Law has been expanded to include enhancement of the SiO/HfO interface dipole to tune the effective work function (EWF) of n and p-type gate electrodes.


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