Academic Scholarship

Modeling the Effects of a Simple Immune System and Immunodeficiency on the Dynamics of Conjointly Growing Tumor and Normal Cells

International Journal of Biological Sciences, 7(6), 700-707, June 2011

International Journal of Biological Sciences Mitra Shojania Feizabadi, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Tarynn M. Witten

In this paper, we develop a theoretical contribution towards the understanding of the complex behavior of conjoint tumor-normal cell growth under the influence of immuno-chemotheraputic agents under simple immune system response. In particular, we consider a core model for the interaction of tumor cells with the surrounding normal cells. We then add the effects of a simple immune system, and both immune-suppression factors and immuno-chemotherapeutic agents as well. Through a series of numerical simulations, we illustrate that the interdependency of tumor-normal cells, together with choice of drug and the nature of the immunodeficiency, leads to a variety of interesting patterns in the evolution of both the tumor and the normal cell populations.


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