Academic Scholarship

Cardiac Auscultation 101: A Basic Science Approach to Diagnosing Heart Murmurs

American Academy of Physician Assistants, 23(4),, April 2010

Photo Needed Christopher Hanifin, M.S.P.A., PA-C
Physician Assistant Program

Cardiac auscultation can be frustrating to learn. Many physical examination textbooks presentcardiac auscultation in a simplistic fashion: Simply memorize a table, auscultate the precordiumin five spots with the stethoscope bell and diaphragm, and arrive at a diagnosis. Clinicians whoseek to further refine their skills are confronted with a variety of audio programs that present adizzying array of cardiac recordings. The average clinician quickly discovers that it will takeyears of practice to become skilled in cardiac auscultation.


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