Academic Scholarship

Trouble Comes in Threes

Qualitative Inquiry, 16(2), 155- 160, February 2010

Photo Needed Lonnie Athens, D.Crim
Criminal Justice Program

Pop becomes entangled in an ever growing web of problems. His wife, Herikula, nags him to accompany her and their two daughters to the island of Samos for a long visit with her parents, although he cannot find anyone one to manage his café in his absence. Later at the cafe, a robber threatens Pop’s life with a gun, which Herikula takes as omen from God that he should take his family to Samos before something else bad happens to him. After finally finding someone to manage his café Pop discovers while in Samos that the manager is embezzling the café’s funds. Pop must cut his visit short to Samos to resolve yet another problem that he looks at from his characteristically philosophical perspective.


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