Academic Scholarship

Matrix-assisted laser deposition of a sorbent oligomer using and infrared laser

Journal of Applied Physics, 95(4), 2175- 2177, February 2004

Photo Needed Cosimo Antonacci
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
D.M. Bubb, S.M. O'Malley, D. Simonson & R.A. McGill

Fluoropolyol, a sorbent chemoselective oligomer, has been deposited using a matrix-assisted laser-based deposition technique. A comparison of films deposited with infrared (2.94 μm) and ultraviolet (UV) (193 nm) radiation shows that photochemical and/or photothermal modification of the oligomer occurs for the UV-deposited films while the IR-deposited films appear to be identical to the starting material. In addition, it is shown that even ablating the matrix alone causes a film to be deposited when using a UV laser.


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