Academic Scholarship

Somatostatin increases voltage-gated K+ currents in GH3 cells through the activation of multiple somatostatin receptors

Endocrinology, 146(11), 4975- 4984, August 2005

Photo Needed Allan D. Blake, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
S-K. Yang, H.C. Parkington, D.J. Keating and C. Chen

The secretion of GH by somatotropes is inhibited by somatostatin (SRIF) through five specific membrane receptors (SSTRs). SRIF increases both transient outward (IA) and delayed rectifying (IK) K+ currents. We aim to clarify the subtype(s) of SSTRs involved in K+ current enhancement in GH3 somatotrope cells using specific SSTR subtype agonists. Expression of all five SSTRs was confirmed in GH3 cells by RT-PCR.


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