Academic Scholarship

Africa's Development in the Era of Barack Obama: The Role of the African Union

Journal of Pan African Studies, 2(9), 101- 116, March 2009

Photo Needed Amadu J. Kaba, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

This paper examines Africa’s development in the President Barack Obama era. The paper makes an argument for a stronger federal African Union (AU). It argues that the sooner member states of the AU give to the organization a significant portion of their sovereignty the better equipped it will become in seeking a better life for the people of the continent and also compete in the international arena. The paper presents eight strategic goals that the AU could implement to improve the lives of Africans. Finally, the paper calls for President Barack Obama to continue where his two immediate predecessors left off in their visible efforts to collaborate with African leaders in moving forward with ongoing and future development projects.


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