Academic Scholarship

Ambulatory monitoring of physiology and behavior utilizing the PDA platform

In Proceedings of SPIE, Enabling Technologies and Design of Nonlethal Weapons, G. Shwaery, J. Blitch, C. Land, 6219, 62190, May 2006

Photo Needed Roberta L. Moldow, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
M. Bergen, P. Shah, R. DeMarco, F. Chua, G. Reid & R. J. Servatius

The HP-IPAQ with the PocketPC operating system running LabVIEW software offers the best flexibility for the interfacing of sensors and physiological amplifiers. The interactive human interface allows for the collection of self-report and other neuropsychological assessments. To test system designs, civilian and military trainees participated in various scenarios. Our system for simultaneous data collection of physiological and behavioral variables shows promise for field applications.


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