Academic Scholarship

Benzophenone protection strategy for synthesis of aza-glycine containing aza-peptides

Biopolymers: Peptide Science, 90(6), 824- 831, April 2008

Photo Needed David Sabatino, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carine B. Bourguet and William D. Lubell

Aza-glycine has been incorporated into peptide mimics as a tool for studying the active conformation and characterizing structure-function relationships for activity. Side reactions, such as intramolecular cyclizations to form hydantoins and oxadiazalones, have, however, inhibited efforts to make activated aza-Gly residues in solution using carbamate protection. Herein, we describe efficient incorporation of aza-glycine into aza-peptides using diphenyl hydrazone protection.

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