Academic Scholarship

A TAF4-homology domain from the corepressor ETO is a docking platform for positive and negative regulators of transcription

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 14, 653- 661, June 2007

Photo Needed Yufeng Wei, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
S. Liu, J. Lausen, C. Woodrell, S. Cho, N. Biris, N. Kobayashi,  S. Yokoyama and M.H. Werner

Of the four ETO domains related to Drosophila melanogaster Nervy, only two are required to induce spontaneous myeloid leukemia upon transplantation into the mouse. One of these domains is related in sequence to TAF4, a component of TFIID. The structure of this domain, ETO-TAFH, is similar to yeast Rpb4 and to Escherichia coli sigma(70); it is the first TAF-related protein with structural similarity to the multisubunit RNA polymerases.


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