Academic Scholarship

Dynamics of female-female relationships in wild Cebus capucinus: data from two Costa Rican sites

International Journal of Primatology, 20 (5), 679- 706, March 1999

Photo Needed Lisa M. Rose-Wiles, Ph.D.
University Libraries
J.H. Manson, S. Perry & J. Gros-Loui

Three questions about female-female relationships remain largely unexplored in female-philopatric platyrrhines. First, to what extent is female dominance status dependent on coalitional support? Second, how stable are female dominance hierarchies over multiyear periods? Third, what is the role of allogrooming in servicing long-term social relationships? We addressed these questions using data collected on Cebus capucinus at Lomas Barbudal and Santa Rosa, over a six-year period.


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