Academic Scholarship

Measuring Lifestyle and Attachment: An empirical investigation linking Individual Psychology and Attachment Theory

Journal of Couseling and Development, 87(4), 394- 403, October 2009

Photo Needed Janine P. Buckner, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Paul R. Peluso, Roy M. Kern & William Curlette

P. R. Peluso, J. P. Peluso, J. F. White, and R. M. Kern (2004) reviewed the theoretical constructs underlying the similarities between lifestyle and attachment style. Specifically, they suggested that the individual psychology construct of lifestyle (or style of life) and attachment style should be empirically investigated. The present research provided an empirical analysis of the concepts of lifestyle and attachment style and compared the methods for assessing these concepts. The findings supported the overall hypotheses that attachment style and lifestyle are similar constructs.


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