Academic Scholarship

Beyond Balancing and Bandwagonning: Thailand's Response to China's Rise

Asian Security, 61(1), 1-27., January 2010

Beyond Balancing and Bandwagonning Ann Marie Murphy, Ph.D.
School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Dr. Ann Marie Murphy's article argues that, contrary to predictions made by power transition theories that states respond to rising powers by balancing against or bandwagonning with them, Thailand has reacted to China's rise with no fundamental change in its alignment posture.  Thailand sees little threat but much opportunity in China's rise.  Thailand is clearly not balancing; it has taken few measures to enhance its military capability or strengthen its alliance with the U.S.  The policy implications of these findings are that the U.S. should not to take access to Thai bases or Thai support for a balancing coalition against China for granted.


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