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Christopher Ferrero

Christopher J. Ferrero, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy and International Relations

School of Diplomacy and International Relations


Dr. Chris Ferrero is a specialist on Iran.

Dr. Ferrero received his PhD in December 2011. His dissertation, entitled "The Iran Narrative: Ideas, Discourse, and Domestic Politics in the Making of US Foreign Policy toward Iran, 1990-2003," examines the extent to which characterizations in American political discourse of Iran as a fanatical terrorist state have constrained presidents from more vigorously pursuing engagement with the Islamic Republic.

Dr. Ferrero's overall research agenda is comprised of two functional threads: conflict resolution and foreign policy. Geographically, he focuses on the Middle East, with special attention to Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process, and American/NATO involvement and relationships in the region. His work examines the practical, technical, and ideational dimensions of these issue-areas. Dr. Ferrero embraces methodological and theoretical pluralism; he uses theory as a means, not an end, and seeks to generate policy-relevant knowledge.

Dr. Ferrero's current project(Fall 2013)is an analysis of alternative frameworks for Israeli-Palestinian peace; he is especially interested in developing a modified version of the extant two-state framework. Dr. Ferrero also continues to closely follow Iran and the US-Iran relationship, with an eye toward assessing and developing solutions to the longstanding conflict.

Additionally, Dr. Ferrero brings to bear extensive knowledge of arms control, WMD proliferation, and missile defense programs and systems gained over four years as an intelligence analyst with the Departments of State and Defense.

Since joining the School of Diplomacy in Fall 2011, Dr. Ferrero has taught graduate courses on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process, International Relations Theory, and US Foreign Policy and undergraduate courses in Comparative Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, US Involvement in the Middle East, and Introduction to Comparative Politics.


  • Ph.D., Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia
  • M.A., Security Studies, Georgetown University
  • B.A., Political Science, Villanova University

Academic Distinctions

Nominee, Teacher of the Year Award, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, AY 2012-2013.


Office Phone
(703) 304-9376


Office Location
Room 119
McQuaid Hall


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