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Rosemary Skeele

Rosemary W. Skeele, Ed.D.

Professor, Instructional Design Technology

Department of Educational Studies


Dr. Skeele's goal is to help students achieve happiness, competence, and success in the career of their choice.

Dr. Rosemary Skeele's professional interests lie in helping to harness the power of computer technology so that students, teachers, administrators and the general public are able to improve their lives and learning through the utilization of new technologies. Internet safely, networked socialization, assistive technologies, information literacy, censorship, assessment, and best practice in teaching are the themes woven into her research. Working with students to spark further interest in her passions through competence, reflection and social consciousness is her legacy to education.

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  • Ed.D. New York University, 1979
  • M.A., University of Wisconsin - Stout, 1968

Academic Distinctions

  • 2009 - AACE Outstanding Paper Award
  • 2004 - TLTC Faculty Fellow
  • 2003 - AACE Outstanding Paper Award
  • 2003 - TLTC Faculty Fellow
  • 2002 - Linda Ward Gupta Award for Excellence in Scholarship
  • 1997 - Regent’s Award for teaching excellence
  • 1996 - University Merit Award for service

  • 2011  Award - $23,000 Donation of Inspiration, Kidspiration and Datagraph Software
  • 2009  Award - $23,000 Donation of Inspiration, Kidspiration and Datagraph Software
  • 2007  Award - $6000 Smarter Kids Foundation – Grant to purchase equipment
  • 2007  Award - $19,000 Donation of Inspiration, Kidspiration and Datagraph Software
  • 2006  Award - $500 SHU ReSoft Grant – Atlas.ti Software for Qualitative Research



Office Phone
(973) 761-9393


Office Location
Room 442
Jubilee Hall


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