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Jack Stamps

Jack W. Stamps, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Music

College of Communication and the Arts


Dr. Stamps’ compositional interests include multimedia musical theater, East-West confluence and alternative pop.

I write works in a broad range of genres and for a variety of ensembles. I have had the privilege of presenting my works at conferences in the United States, South America and Europe. My work ethic is a result of four factors: a clear reflection of my deep belief in the autobiographical, the joy I derive from applying my experiences as a graphic designer to researching and developing graphical enhancements to musical scores, an insistence upon collaborating with performers; and a reverence for a unique, stimulating listening experience. My aim is clear: to teach sustainability in music composition. My most recent work has galvanized my compositional process while validating my artistic principles. Perhaps the most vital among these principles is the assimilation of all of my most moving experiences into my music—like an open-ended autobiography for the ear.


  • D.M.A., University of Texas at Austin
  • M.M., University of Texas at Austin
  • B.M., University of Texas at San Antonio

Academic Distinctions

  • Of his podcast pop-opera, NIGHTLIFE, writes, "Nightlife: A Pop-Opera In Three Acts is both a provocative and satisfying piece of work that demands, and, more importantly, rewards multiple listens.”
  • Of his second string quartet, critic Mike Greenberg writes, “The piece reveals a remarkable compositional discipline -- Mozartean clarity, Brahmsian contrapuntal intricacy -- and a very subtle ear for weaving hints of American pop and jazz idioms through a fresh, vibrant modernist canvas.”
  • Received a Meet The Composer Grant, 2008.
  • Received special distinction, Música Viva Festival 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. Work: Lulled by an Imploding Lotus. The piece was also featured on the official CD release for the festival.
  • Received CEMJKO Electronic Music Award, 2006.
  • Received the Reed Holmes Memorial Prize in Music Composition, 2003.



Office Phone
(973) 761-9417


Office Location
Room 74
Corrigan Hall


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