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All post-baccalaureate D.N.P. students must complete the core curriculum and then either the Advanced Practice Nurse (A.P.N.) courses or the Health Systems Administration (H.S.A.) courses, depending on their academic focus. Students at the post-baccalaureate level will earn their M.S.N. degree when they meet the program requirements and will be able to sit for certification while completing the rest of their D.N.P. requirements.
D.N.P. Core Curriculum for post-B.S.N. Applicants
NURS 6123 Theoretical Basis of Nursing 
NURS 6124 Forces in Health Care 
NURS 7141 Nursing Research 
NURS 7470 Advanced Professional Role Enactment 
NURS 9937 Population Health for Advanced Practice 
GMHS 7500 Intermediate Statistics or 
CPSY 7005 Stat Theory & Comp. Applications I  
PSMA 8514 Health Care Economics or equivalent per advisor 
NURS 9938 Integrity in Nursing Leadership  
HCAD 7521 21st Century Healthcare Systems or equivalent per advisor 
NURS 8500 Informatics for Evidence Based Practice  or 
HCAD 8521 Quality and Information Management Systems 
NURS 9919 Using Research for Evidence Based Practice  
NURS 9920 D.N.P. Residency I 
NURS 9921 D.N.P. Residency II 
NURS 9922 Scholarly Project I  
NURS 9923 Scholarly Project II  
NURS 9924-35 D.N.P. Continuous Scholarly Project Advisement 
43+ Total Core Credits 
A.P.N. Specialty Course Requirements for post-B.S.N. Applicants
NURS 6223 Health Promotion
NURS 6411 Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology 
NURS 6415 Clinical Pharmacology 
NURS 7370 Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Decision Making 
NURS 7333 or NURS 7334 Specialty Practicum I 
NURS 7243 or 7242 Specialty Theory 
NURS 7343/7344 or 7349 Specialty Practicum II 
NURS 7246 or 7244 Advanced Specialty Theory 
NURS 7357 or 7359 Specialty Practicum III  
NURS 7364/7365 or 7366 Specialty Practicum IV 
NURS 6221 Health Concepts for Aging* 
30-36 Total A.P.N. Credits
H.S.A. Specialty Course Requirements for post-B.S.N. Applicants
NURS 6224 Nursing and Health Systems Administration 
NURS 6305 Financial Management of Health Care Systems 
NURS 7307 Managed Care and Reimbursement Systems 
NURS 6306 Legal and Risk Management Issues in Health Care 
NURS 7310 Managerial Internship 
NURS 7600 Executive Internship 
NURS 9919 Using Research for Evidence Based Practice 
GMHS 6211 Institutional Culture and Human Relationships 
GMHS 7110 Strategic Planning for Healthcare and Health Professions Education 
NURS 8600 Executive Interpersonal Collaboration 
Required Clinical Independent Study  
31 Total H.S.A. Credits 

Total post-B.S.N. Credits 73-79

*Only required for Adult-Gerontology NP students 
Sharon Venino
Assistant Program Director

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