College of Nursing
Dan Suarez
Former Nurse Recruiter Speaks on Nursing Market Trends

The Student Nurse Association has invited Dan Suarez to discuss nursing market trends.

Reinkemeyer Research Day
Annual Reinkemeyer Research Day

The 27th Annual Reinkemeyer Research Day features presentations of nursing projects from across the United States.

Nursing Simulation Manikins
Simulation Manikins in Nursing Program

A generous grant from The Healthcare Foundation of NJ funds high-tech simulation manikins for the nursing program.

Mary Jo Codey
College of Nursing Welcomes Mary Jo Codey

Codey's talk on Perinatal Depression: Speak Up When You're Down sponsored by Gamma Nu.


Dr. Rennie and Students
Panelists Provide Career Tips

Get advice on things you should know before beginning your career - Wednesday, Feb. 26.

College of Nursing Awarded Grant

Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare Awards $20,000 Scholarship

College of Nursing Open House
Nursing Open House

Seton Hall University College of Nursing will Host Open House: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

College of Nursing Faculty and Students
Members with a Purpose

Seton Hall University's 35-member Board of Regents is proud to have the expertise of two College of Nursing alumnae.

Romelia Freydel
Nurses Help Vulnerable Population

The College of Nursing ensures students work with vulnerable populations, those who are at risk for health disparities.

Schneider Family
Seton Hall Nursing: A Family Affair

Alumni of the College of Nursing marry which leads to six of their family members enrolling in the school

Humanitarianism at its Finest

Two of the most selfless alumni of the College of Nursing featured.

Kristine B. Schwartzkopf, M.S.N., APN-C
Seton Hall Gives Opportunity to Veterans

As soldiers are discharged from the armed forces, Seton Hall provides opportunities for veterans to enroll in nursing.

nurse, patient
Caring for the Aged

Nurses, as this country's primary caregivers, are the primary force in the care of millions of aging Americans.

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