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In the state of New Jersey, a nurse cannot be hired to work as a school nurse in a public school without certification from a University program that has been approved by the State Board of Education, such as the program at Seton Hall University.  

The School Nurse Certification program offered at Seton Hall prepares students to practice as school nurses as well as teach health to students in preschool through 12th grade.  The courses offered are on the Masters level, which helps many school nurses move up on the teachers’ pay scale since many schools offer higher salaries based on number of Masters credits attained.  Graduates of the Seton Hall School Nurse Certification program obtain jobs in public and private schools both as school nurses and as health educators.  They also find work in summer camps, preschools and public health based programs.  

Seton Hall also offers a Masters in School Nursing with an easy articulation for our certification students, which is appealing to many school nurses who desire to become school nurse administrators in a school system, teach in school nurse certification programs or simply desire to move up on the teachers’ salary pay scale while maintaining their practice as school nurses.  Seton Hall’s program was one of the first certification programs in the state, and our graduates are highly regarded by New Jersey school systems.
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