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The Board Leadership Institute (BLI) is an exciting program designed to enhance the effectiveness of corporate, professional and community leaders when serving on nonprofit boards. People from many walks have participated in the program and found it beneficial.

Topics include such things as an introduction to the nonprofit sector; strategic planning; legal and fiduciary responsibilities of nonprofit boards; financial oversight; and others.

Our BLI training program provides participants with the hands-on knowledge they will need to successfully serve as board members to nonprofit organizations.  Specifically, BLI helps to:

  • Develop board member leadership, management and organizational skills—ranging from those skills that support effective board meeting communication and governance practice to those ensuring effective strategic planning.
  • Establish best practices in the areas of financial management, fiduciary responsibility and fundraising.
  • Expand participants' problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Match employees with nonprofit boards in their area of interest and according to each prospective board member's unique skills and experience.
  • Reinforce and augment coursework through a round-table, peer-learning-based discussion that follows participants' completion of 2-3 months of initial board service.

The highly interactive training program (which employs small-group work, case studies and classroom discussion) comprises 18-24 participants who attend in three phases and over a period of five months.  Providing the training in phases over time has several advantages over 'quick-hit' programs: It ensures participants gain the full breadth of knowledge and experience they need to be successful board members, and supports the culture and leadership of both your own and the nonprofits' organization.

In fact, the BLI training program speaks to the core values of any organization by conveying the commitment to their personal and professional growth:

  • Employees who have benefitted from the BLI training program have thanked their employers for "investing in them" and "giving them this valuable opportunity."
  • For one past offering, 80+ applications were received for 24 coveted BLI training spots.

To sign up for the Board Leadership Institute or for more information, please email or call (973) 761-9734.

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