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The College of Communication and the Arts offers a minor in Theatre.


I. Required Courses - 6 Credits:
  • COTH 2621 OR COTH 2631-Introduction to the Theatre OR Theatre History
  • COTH 2626 OR COTH 3621-Acting I OR Directing
II.Electives - 12 Credits, 4 from the following (6 credits of which must be COTH):
  • COTH 1620, 1621, 1622-Performance Labs
  • COTH 1720-Basic Stage Craft
  • COTH 2610-American Stage
  • COTH 2621-Introduction to the Theatre
  • COTH 2626-Acting I
  • COTH 2631-Theatre History
  • COTH 3621-Directing
  • COTH 3622-Playwriting
  • COTH 3623-Lighting for TV and Film
  • COTH 3624-Children's Theatre
  • COTH 3625-Scene Design
  • COTH 3626-Acting II
  • COTH 2627-Theatre in London
  • COTH 3628/ CORE 3101-The Religious Experience on Stage
  • COTH-Theatre Internship
  • ENGL 3013-Introduction to the Drama
  • ENGL 3417-The Drama in Great Britain
  • ENGL 3421-Modern American Drama
  • MUSC 1134-Music of Broadway
  • MUTH 2141-SP Fundamentals of Music
  • Applied Music:
  • MUAP 1011 - 1012-Beginning Piano I - II
  • MUAP 1131-Beginning Voice
  • MUAP 1172-Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop
  • MUAP 2231-2239-Private Voice Lessons
  • Ensemble:
  • University Chorus- MUAP 1161 - 1168-Vocal Chamber Ensemble


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