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The following rules apply for visitors to the Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center. Please read and familiarize yourself with these points before visiting us. Thank you…
I. All material is property of the Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center and must be used in accordance with the rules set forward in this section. Copyright requirements vary by item and fall under our jurisdiction as well.
II. Requests for on-site use should be made by appointment in advance.
III. A valid Seton Hall University I.D. or current driver's license will be presented at the front desk and kept by the attendant while a patron uses archival material.
IV. Use of materials will be in a research room designated by the professional staff and supervised by the same.
V. All bags, notebooks and outerwear must be left in the coat area.
VI. Consumption of food and/or beverages and smoking are prohibited in the research room.
VII. White gloves must be worn at all times when handling material.
VIII. Use of ink is prohibited. Pencils are provided for writing notes in the research room.
IX. Patrons may use only one folder from one box at a time, and must maintain the order of the items found in the folder. Care should be given to place these materials neatly back in the originating box.
X. Where photocopies and/or microfilm exist they will be used instead of original material, unless use of the original is justified.
XI. Charges for photocopies…
A) Standard material and student rate - $.10 per page
B) Copies from microfilm (or of archival material/rare books) - $ .25 per page
C) Fragile materials - $ .50 per page (when permitted)
XII. Scanning of materials may also be requested by prior arrangement. The patron will provide a zip disk(s) or CD(s) and pay prior to receipt of the image(s)
A) Black & White - $6.00 per image
B) Color - $8.00 per image
XIII. A one time usage fee will be assessed for those who wish to reproduce an image(s) from any portion of this collection for use in publication. A release form must be signed and payment (in the form of cash or check) has to be received by our office in advance. At least 24 hours notice must be provided before any project is facilitated.
A) One Time Usage Fee - $30.00 per image
XIV. Documents may be photographed with special permission, but not with a flash or floodlight attachment.
XV. For material requested via mail, payment must be received in full before shipment of items is facilitated.
XVI. Materials are for use on-site and do not circulate under any circumstances.
XVII. Text and/or photographs may be used for reproduction in a journal, book, or other publication subject to completion of a release form. The agreement requires that the Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center will receive two copies of the finished product and a proper citation made within the body of the publication. The proper citation should read - Courtesy of the Seton Hall University Archives & Special Collections Center with an optional inclusion of the individual(s) who assisted on the project.

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