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Recognizing the need for pulmonary subspecialists in the provision of healthcare services in the United States, the School of Health & Medical Sciences offers the Pulmonary Fellowship Program.

The fellowship is divided over a two-year program. Seven fellows rotate in the following state-of-the-art hospitals:

The clinical facilities include inpatient and ambulatory care facilities, appropriately spacious and adequately staffed laboratories for pulmonary function tests, and exfoliative cytology and pathology services. Fellows provide consultative services at both hospitals, where there is a close working relationship with pediatrics; radiology; pathology; thoracic surgery; physiology; microbiology; occupational medicine; immunology; physical medicine; ear, nose and throat; and anesthesiology services.

The two first-year and two second-year fellows spend six months at each parent institution. While all four fellows rotate between two parent institutions for the inpatient, laboratory and procedural training, each fellow is permanently assigned to one institution for outpatient training. Fellows treat and diagnose a wide range of pulmonary problems; lung disease; and related conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by using the latest medical advances and state-of-the art technology, including St. Joseph’s Pulmonary Exercise Laboratory.

Fellows gain experience with:

  • Brache therapy
  • Bronchoprovactive tests
  • Endobronchial laser therapy
  • Spirometry
  • Lung volume tests
  • Flow volume loop studies
  • Airway resistance testing
  • Diffusing capacity
  • Pulmonary stress studies
  • Distribution of ventilation and arterial blood gas studies.

The fellows actively participate in:

  • Research Conference, monthly;
  • Basic science conference, twice a week;
  • Inter-hospital clinical conferences;
  • Clinics at St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s, weekly;
  • Education of medical residents and students;
  • Clinical research and subsequent presentations at regional, national and international meetings;
  • Publications;
  • Divisional conferences, bimonthly; and
  • Journal Club.

Dedicated to providing residents with a quality learning experience, faculty are highly educated, having trained in hospitals around the country and in highly regarded residency programs. Pulmonary faculty comprises full-time, part-time and select voluntary attending staff of the pulmonary divisions at both institutions.

For more information on the Pulmonary Fellowship Program affiliated with Seton Hall University, contact St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center at (973) 754-2450.

Contact Us:
Program Director: M. Anees Khan, M.D.
Seton Hall Pulmonary Fellowship Program
St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
703 Main Street
Paterson, NJ 07054
(973) 754-2450

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