School of Health and Medical Sciences
 Year 1  
 Internal Medicine                                          4 Months
 Neurology                                          2 Months
 Inpatient Psychiatry                                          6 Months 

 Year 2

 Inpatient Psychiatry
 3 Months
Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

 1 Month
2 Months
Substance Abuse/Addictions                         

2 Months
Emergency Psychiatry

2 Months
2 Months

 Year 3
 Full-time Outpatient  (including Community Psychiatry) 12 Months 


 Year 4

 Electives                                                                          12 Months

Administrative Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine at JFK Hospital, ECT at Carrier Clinic, Consultation Liaison, Research, Private Practice


Program Director:
Purabi Bharatiya, M.D.

(908) 994-7207

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