School of Health and Medical Sciences

Fortunato Battaglia, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

My research focuses on synaptic plasticity in animal models and patients with neuropsychiatric diseases.
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Lee Cabell

Lee Cabell, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

I specialize in 3-D dynamic analysis in clinical and sports research.
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Terrence Cahill

Terrence Cahill, Ed.D., FACHE

Associate Professor and Department Chair

I am interested in advancing healthcare leadership practices.
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Deborah Deluca

Deborah A. Deluca, M.S., JD

Assistant Professor

Students energize me. They make what I already enjoy doing worthwhile.
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Annette Kirchgessner

Annette Kirchgessner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

I specialize in Functional Human Anatomy and teach a cadaver-based course.  My research focuses on enteric neurobiology.
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Genevieve Zipp

Genevieve P. Zipp, P.T., Ed.D.


I am the Chair of the Practice Issues Committee of the Neurological Section of APTA nationally.
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Department Secretary:
Joann DeBerto

(973) 275-2076

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