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Occupational therapy (OT) promotes wellness through everyday activities (occupations).  Occupational therapists help persons of all ages to overcome challenges and to participate in their daily lives by developing the skills necessary for independence and satisfaction.  OT services could include practices such as:

  • Customizing treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities.
  • Performing comprehensive home and/or job site evaluations and recommending appropriate adaptations.
  • Administering performance skills assessments and treatment across the lifespan.
  • Training and recommendation of adaptive equipment to improve safety and ability of daily activity performance.
  • Family and caregiver training.

Clinical courses have fieldwork components that enable students to practice what they learned in class on an ongoing basis.  Additionally, we offer students a total of three (3) extended fieldwork experiences while most occupational therapy programs only offer two.  Our first extended fieldwork experiences occur in the middle of the Program's academic portion facilitating the development of reflection and clinical reasoning.

First Professional Year
Functional Human Anatomy • Intro to Principles of Learning
Intro to OT Theory and Practice I • Human Physiology
Development Across the Life Span I and II
Kinesiology • Psychosocial Studies and Group Processes I
Neuroscience • Clinical Medicine in OT I
Clinical Integration Seminar I • OT Theory and Practice II
Adult Rehabilitation in OT I • Ethical and Legal Issues in OT

Second Professional Year
Clinical Affiliation I • Clinical Medicine II
Adult Rehabilitation II • Pediatrics in OT
Health Care Organizations • Research Methods I
Orthotics in OT • Geriatrics
OT Theory and Practice III

Third Professional Year
Seminars in Advanced Theory and Practice in OT
Activity Group Process • Research Methods II
Consultation, Community and Alternative Models
Advanced Concepts in Adapting Environments
Clinical Affiliation II
Clinical Affiliation: Specialty Concentration

Academic Policy

In order to ensure that the School graduates competent and ethical practitioners, the School of Health and Medical Sciences faculty, in conjunction with the Dean's Office, developed the Academic Performance Standards Policy and Student Performance Review Committee Procedures (PDF).

The form for student requests to appeal to the Student Performance Review Committee is available here.

Department Secretary:
Debra Olszewski

(973) 761-7145

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