School of Health and Medical Sciences
Terrence Cahill

Terrence Cahill, Ed.D., FACHE

Associate Professor and Department Chair

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Anne Hewitt

Anne M. Hewitt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, MHA Program Director and Director of Seton Center for Community and Population Health

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Nalin Johri
Steve Wagner

Adjunct Faculty

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Vincent M. Farinella, M.H.A.

Adjunct Professor of Health Care Administration

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John Goss
David Gourley

David Gourley, M.H.A.

Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Administration

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Robert Pallito

Robert M. Pallitto, Ph.D., J.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Professor of MHA Program

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Sidney Seligman

Sidney Seligman, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Management

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Sherri Treasurywala
Thomas B. Woodard

Patricia Edwards, M.A.
Director of Online Learning (SHMS)

Patrick McDermott, M.A.
Director of Graduate Admissions (SHMS)
(973) 275-2062

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