School of Health and Medical Sciences

Committed to educating physicians about the causes, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in the United States, the School of Health & Medical Sciences offers an Infectious Disease Fellowship Program.

The fellowship is divided over a two-year program. Five fellows rotate in the following state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Serving as the fellowship’s sponsoring institution, St. Michael’s Regional Medical Center is an international leader in the research and treatment of infectious diseases, maintaining the world’s largest infectious diseases network. Fellows learn in a department that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for patients living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other infectious diseases. The medical center is also home to the Peter Ho Memorial Clinic, the first and largest HIV/AIDS treatment clinic in New Jersey.

Fellows in the program are heavily focused on HIV/AIDS treatment and research at the Peter Ho Memorial Clinic, located in Newark, New Jersey, and within an inpatient unit at St. Michel’s. Fellows study and provide medical services to more than 1,700 patients who are HIV positive or infected with AIDS, and are involved in encouraging research that can halt the progression of HIV into AIDS. Fellows are also part of a large consultation service, treating patients with nosocomial complications, as well as those with complicated community acquired infections.

Fellows gain diverse experiences in their elective rotations:

  • JFK provides rich experiences with the neurosurgical and orthopaedic surgery population;
  • Trinitas offers an experience with a suburban population.

In a supportive teaching and learning environment, fellows participate in:

  • Academic Rounds, weekly;
  • Journal Club, weekly;
  • Robust lecture series; and
  • Teaching Rounds.

Sixty percent of a fellow’s time is focused on the clinical aspect of the fellowship, while 40 percent is focused on an elective and/or research. All fellows are expected to complete a research project on completion of the program.

Dedicated to providing fellows with a quality learning experience, the faculty comprises three full-time doctors who specialize in infectious disease, having trained in hospitals around the country and in highly regarded programs.

For more information on the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program affiliated with Seton Hall University, contact Saint Michael’s Medical Center at the information provided below.

Contact Us:
Program Director: Jihad Slim, M.D.
Seton Hall Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program
Saint Michael’s Medical Center
111 Central Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102
Newark, NJ 07102

Fellowship Coordinator: Bernadette Echevarria
(973) 877-5465
Medical Education Office: (973) 877-5487

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