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CAHME accreditedThe on-campus Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is a non-matriculating program, designed for individuals who would like to explore a career in healthcare administration, who already have a graduate degree but need to develop specific healthcare management skills, or who would like to enroll in a selected set of graduate healthcare administration courses. Courses taken in the certificate program can later be applied to the Master of Healthcare Administration degree program, once an application has been submitted and accepted.

How Do I Apply?

To apply to the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration program, please submit an online application, along with the following:

  • Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • An essay answering the question provided in the application
  • A résumé
  • Three letters of recommendation

For more information, please contact Patrick McDermott, Director of Graduate Admissions, at (973) 275-2062 or

Curriculum (15 credits)

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is earned by successfully completing three required and two elective courses.

Required Courses (8 credits)

Course Number
Course Title
 HCAD 7513Healthcare Management
HCAD 7514
Healthcare Financial Management and Accounting
HCAD 7521
Healthcare System

Elective Courses (Minimum 7 credits)

Complete any two of the following list of courses:

Course Number Course Title Credits 
HCAD 6009Managerial Decision Making3
HCAD 7518
Managing Community Health Systems 3
HCAD 7522
Healthcare Policy 2
HCAD 7712
Program Evaluation Methods: Outcome Assessment 3
HCAD 8511-8529
Topics in Health Policy and Management2
HCAD 8513
Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8514
Healthcare Economics 3
HCAD 8517
Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8518
Legal Aspects of Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8519
Healthcare Information Systems 3
HCAD 8521
Quality and Information Management Systems 3
HCAD 8523
Ethics in Healthcare 2
HCAD 8531
Emergency Preparedness and Health Security3

For complete course descriptions, click here.

Note: HCAD 7521, 7522, and 8523 are 2-credit courses.  Students using these courses toward their certificate will be required to take an additional course, either as an Independent Study with a faculty member, or as an elective to meet the 15-credit certificate requirement.

The "PSMA" course designation has been changed to "HCAD" as of Fall 2011

Learn more about the full M.H.A. degree program.

Academic Policy

In order to ensure that the School graduates competent and ethical practitioners, the School of Health and Medical Sciences faculty, in conjunction with the Dean's Office, developed the Academic Performance Standards Policy and Student Performance Review Committee Procedures.

The form for student requests to appeal to the Student Performance Review Committee is available here.

Patrick McDermott, M.A.
Director of Graduate Admissions (SHMS)
(973) 275-2062

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