School of Health and Medical Sciences

The intern is given numerous opportunities to attend conferences. Daily teaching schedules at Saint Michael’s Medical Center include:

  • Resident Report, daily
  • Morning Report, daily
  • Grand Rounds, weekly
  • Osteopathic Journal Club, weekly
  • Ambulatory Medicine Lecture Series, daily
  • M.K.S.A.P. Board Review, weekly
  • One year rotating internship
  • AOA approved

Primary teaching attendings supervise interns and residents on their service. They are required to teach at least 45 hours per week. The interns are also exposed to subspecialty teaching experience by subspecialty full time faculty members.

Throughout the internship year, interns spend time in many ambulatory clinics in all the rotating fields. The clinics are supervised by full time faculty attendings. All interns rotate weekly in the osteopathic manipulatory clinic supervised by faculty. The interns see patients referred from the emergency room medicine clinic and outpatient ambulatory clinic as an osteopathic manipulative treatment (O.M.T.) specialists.

Programs offered in the Match:

Program types:

1. Internship Only: This program involves a one year commitment between the applicant and the institution.

2. Combined Internship/Internal Medicine Residency: This program combines an Internship position with an Internal Medicine residency position (total 3 year commitment). The residency program is dually approved by the A.C.G.M.E. and A.O.A.

3. Linked Internship/Emergency Medicine Residency: This program combines a one year Internship position followed by an AOA three year residency position in Emergency Medicine. The program is A.O.A. approved.

Program Director:
Stephen Abo, D.O.

(973) 877-5487

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