School of Health and Medical Sciences

AOA Program number: 133222

ERAS Program Name: UNECOM/Saint Michael's Internal Medicine

NMS (The Match) number: 62850

Medical students applying to our dually-accredited internal medicine residency, must apply via osteopathic ERAS and the osteopathic match.  Applicants accepted into the osteopathic internal medicine residency are automatically accepted into the ACGME internal medicine residency.

Interview season begins the 3rd week in October. Applicants should make sure that their Saint Michael's ERAS application is complete as early as possible. Two critical documents are your COMLEX transcript (both level 1 and level 2) and your dean's letter/MSPE, which should be ready early so it is loaded on Oct. 15th. All interviews are conducted at Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark, N.J. Almost all interviews are on a Wednesday morning. There may be one or two Friday mornings set aside for interviews as well. During the interview day you will meet with the osteopathic program director, the program's research supervisor, and one of the chief or associate chief residents. You will also be given the opportunity to sit in on one of the core competency lectures.

Program Director:
Stephen Abo, D.O.

(973) 877-5537

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