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Program Overview

The Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency at Saint Michael's Medical Center is a dually accredited residency. Residents meet all the requirements for the AOA/ACOI and the ACGME/RRC. There are up to 15 osteopathic positions within the 55 position allopathic internal medicine residency. Graduates are eligible to take both the AOBIM (osteopathic) and the ABIM (allopathic) boards. This permits graduates who are interested in subspecialty training to apply to both allopathic and osteopathic fellowships.

Our program utilizes a multi-institutional integrated approach to the post-graduate training of the osteopathic internists.  Three successful training sites have integrated their teaching resources and through this consolidation offer their residents more opportunities than each could individually provide.  All Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residents receive adequate exposure to core competency content areas during the curriculum.

The clinical facilities treat a wealth of patients from all socio-economic and ethnic groups resulting in a broad experience in medical disease.  A large hospital based faculty, in association with voluntary attendings, maintains a scientifically based, clinically oriented and humanistic medical service.  Teaching services within the osteopathic program assure the resident of a proper and educationally sound case load, with graduated levels of responsibility.  Teaching rounds are held daily and are supplemented by a variety of daily conferences which integrate basic science into the curriculum.  Clinical research and scientific methodology are central parts of the program.  Comprehensive continuity medical clinics provide a variable experience for the osteopathic internal medicine resident in the delivery of ambulatory care.

Goals and Objectives of the Program

The goals ofthe osteopathic internal medicine program are to:

  • Integrate the principles and practice of osteopathic medicine throughout the training program.

  • Provide the curriculum that will enable the resident to become thoroughly knowledgeable in the complex differential diagnoses and treatment options of internal medicine.

  • Provide training to enable the resident to rapidly evaluate, initiate and provide appropriate treatment for patients who are critically ill.

  • Provide training to enable the resident to thoroughly evaluate, initiate treatment and provide appropriate long-term therapeutic recommendations to patients with chronic medical problems in both a hospital and ambulatory setting.

  • Provide training to enable the resident to make appropriate recommendations to promote health maintenance and disease prevention.

  • Provide training to enable the resident to provide appropriate end of life care.

  • Provide learning experiences to promote a broad understanding of the role of internal medicine as it relates to other medical disciplines.

  • Integrate the sciences applicable to internal medicine with clinical experiences.

  • Develop in the resident the skills needed to practice within a system-based health care environment and to use the resources to deliver quality health care.

  • Develop in the resident the principles of appropriate ethical conduct and professionalism.

  • Develop in the resident professional leadership and practice management skills.

  • Evaluate the progress of the training of the resident by using continuous assessment tools.

  • Promote evidence-based medicine by providing the tools to evaluate and analyze protocols, standards, and current research.

  • Develop research skills by teaching the concepts of research methods and providing an opportunity to create and execute a research study.

  • Develop in the resident the abilities to engage in life long learning in internal medicine.

  • Prepare the resident to meet the eligibility requirements of the AOA/ACGME to take the certification examination administered by the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine.

Program Director:
Stephen Abo, D.O.

(973) 877-5537

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