College of Education and Human Services

Grace M. May, Ph.D.
(973) 761-9024

Joseph J. Martinelli, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(973) 575-3193

Stephanie Koprowski-McGowan, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Assessment & Accreditation
(973) 761-9399

Omayra Arocho
Assistant Dean of College Engagement and Community Development
(973) 761-9661

Caroline Gartley
Director of Budget and Operations
(973) 275-2509

Gary Thomas
Associate Director of Financial Aid
(973) 761-9104

Jan Furman
Special Projects and Program Development
(973) 761-9668

Angela Caruso
Assessment Coordinator
(973) 275-2721

Mayra I. Colón
Assistant to the Dean
(973) 761-9025

Beverly M. Kroeger
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(973) 761-9390

Marion A. Dunell
Secretary to Graduate Admissions
(973) 761-9668

Message from the Dean

Dean MayI welcome you to explore the opportunities that await you at the College of Education and Human Services.  Learn more »

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